Benefits of Organic Plant Fertilizer

29 Apr

Organic farming is one of the faming categories that have been adopted by many farmers. Organic farming involves the use of the organic plant fertilizers in the growing of crops that helps in the boosting of the crop growth. The kind of manure that is obtained from the animals and plants waste is what that is referred to as the organic fertilizers. The organic fertilizers are very beneficial especially when you think of the growing of crops that are free from chemicals and also the living organisms in the soil. The organic fertilizers have a lot of merits, hence you should consider them in the growing of crops.

Maintaining the safety of the crops is one of the merits of using the organic fertilizers. Through the use of the fertilizers obtained from the plant and animal waste, the cases where the leaves and as well the roots of the plants may be damaged is reduced. The organic fertilizers does not contain chemicals that may be harmful to the plants and therefore the reason for this. This is very beneficial especially when you compare with the use of the inorganic fertilizers that may contain chemicals that may damage the plant. Get more facts about gardening at

Another benefit of using the organic plant fertilizers is that they save you on cost. The organic fertilizers contains of various nutrients such as potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen and therefore the reason for this. What this means is that through the use of the organic fertilizers, you are able to use all these nutrients together. With so doing, then the cost that you could have used in the purchase of inorganic fertilizers that contain phosphorous, nitrogen and as well potassium is saved. More so, you save a lot of cost when you use the organic fertilizers because you do not need to spend the money making the purchase of the pesticides. Be sure to check it out!

Organic fertilizers are also environmental friendly, and therefore the advantage of using it. The chemicals that may be interfering with the water bodies and other components of the environment are not available to the organic plant fertilizers and therefore the reason for this. This reason therefore gives the use of the organic fertilizers an advantage over the inorganic fertilizers because the inorganic fertilizers contains chemicals that may cause great harm to the environment, for example the water bodies. Lastly, the use of the organic plant fertilizers helps to increase the soil structure and therefore the benefit of using it. The reason for this is that the organic plant fertilizer contains the organic matter that helps in boosting the soil capacity to hold water and as well it increases the nutrients present in the soil. The fungal and the bacterial activity in the soil and also the texture of the soil is increased through the use of the organic planting fertilizer at

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